"Alone we can do little: Together we can do so much." 

- Helen Keller

Helping Haitian Angels is a 501(c) (3) non-profit Christian organization that has been able to exceed its own expectations because of support from people just like you. Your donation positively impacts some of the most impoverished children in the world by providing them access to clean water, food, shelter, medical care and education.

Help Us Build the Future

Through contributions such as yours, Helping Haitian Angels has been able to move from a crowded building in downtown Cap Haiten to a 40-acre village in the country-side. We've constructed eight homes, a church and community center and a school that allows 250 students, from our village as well as the surrounding communities, the chance to break the cycle of illiteracy. But we aren't done yet.

We still need your help to construct eight more homes for children, a medical clinic and administrative and volunteer housing in the near future. Your dollars go to helping fund day-to-day operations at Kay Anj Village, a dream turned into reality by the compassion of donors who wanted to make a difference in the life of a child. It also helps advance our goal of sustainable living through farming. Your contribution offers children access to a world often taken for granted; one where they are cared for, nurtured and loved in a home-like environment.

Will you join us?

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